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As a client ofL.E.A.P.S. and Beyond Inc., your first meeting will be with your BCBA supervisor to intiate the intake process. Your supervisor will then schedule your next appointment to start the Behavioral Assessment. Once complete, the assesment (which typically takes one to three visits) will be used to produce a report and we can schedule your ABA therapy sessions to start. You will be assigned a team of ABA therapists/interventionists and we will assemble any necessary materials to conduct your first ABA therapy session. The entire assessment process, from the first meeting with your BCBA supervisor to the first ABA therapy session normally takes less than two weeks.

Once ABA therapy has begun, your sessions will be conducted three to five days per week for two to three hours per day with an ABA therapist and/or interventionist. Your BCBA supervisor will also meet with you one to four times per month, depending on the specifications written your individual ABA therapy program.

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Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

is a one-to-one instructional approach used to teach skills in a planned, controlled, and systematic manner. DTT is used when a learner needs to learn a skill best taught in small repeated steps.

Natural Environment Training (NET), as an instructonal technique, is less structured than DTT, and involves presenting programming targets within more natural contexts, such as during play or typical daily activities.

Pivotal Response Training (PRT)is a naturalistic behavioral intervention developed to facilitate stimulus and response generalization, increase spontaneity, reduce prompt dependency, and increase motivation while still relying on the principles of applied behavior analysis.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Client Care and Advocacy

Speech Therapy

Art Therapy

Occupational Therapy

We offer a comprehensive list services in order provide the complete care any family may require. Our experienced and professional team is available to provide Speech Therapy, Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Client Care and Advocacy in addition to our ABA solutions and services. L.E.A.P.S. and Beyond, Inc. is capable of delivering an unmatched therapy program designed for total support of our clients and their families

Our Speech Language Pathologists provide evaluations, resources, and individual and group therapies to children in need of a helping hand as they learn to communicate. They work with children and their families using a mix of play based and traditional speech and language therapies, specifically designed to best meet the needs of each individual child as they build functional communication skills in a meaningful manner. Therapies may include the use of Picture Exchange Communication Symbols, Sign Language, and other alternative communication systems that facilitate the development of articulation and language.

We provide speech therapy services to children of all ages with various delays or disorders including:

Apraxia of Speech or Developmental ApraxiaArticulation Disorders Auditory Processing DisordersAutism Spectrum DisorderCleft PalateDown SyndromeExpressive Language DelaysFeeding & SwallowingFluencyLanguage Processing DifficultiesPhonological Impairments, Disorders, or DelaysReceptive Language DelaysSocial Skills

We invite you to explore our site to learn about our services and dedicated staff, and contact us to schedule an appointment or get more information.

Speech Therapy