The Mission of the Toy & Resource Lending Library is to:

• Provide the necessary knowledge, resources and tools for families and caregivers to learn about child growth and development;

• Educate families and caregivers on how they can help children learn through play;

• Guide families on developmentally appropriate toys for their children;

• Help reduce family expenses.

At L.E.A.P.S.and Beyond, Inc we believe that every child needs ample opportunities to play with a wide variety of toys and games. Play is important for thinking, language, emotional development, problem solving and creative skill development of children with autism. For this purpose LEAPS is excited to announce the development of our Toy Lending Library. We have a variety of age-appropriate toys and games for children with exceptional needs. Families are encouraged to review our list of toys and are invited to check out toys from our library. All toys can be checked out for one month and can be renewed if desired. Toy check out dates are scheduled once per month. Dates coming soon.

*We accept donations of gently used toys to add to our ever expanding Toy Lending Library. We strive to provide a great variety of toys for lending.

Toy Lending *

Resources and Education

In addition to a variety of toys and games, LEAPS has and expanded collection of resources for parents and family members, which includes books, videos, and useful materials for families and child care providers. The development of our resource library is to provide families an inexpensive and resourceful way to access specific information related to children with special needs.

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